9-13 juin 2017
LPSC Grenoble (June 9th) & LAPTh Annecy (June 13th)
Europe/Paris timezone

These two days, one at LPSC and one at LAPTh, will be devoted to discussing some conceptual issues in fundamental physics, with the aim of gaining a global overview of the key concepts at play, their implications and possible interpretations. All curious physicists (students and researchers, experimentalists and theorists) are cordially invited! The presentations by invited speakers will be followed by question / discussion sessions. You can find abstracts on the timetable.

  • June 9th (LPSC Grenoble)
    • 10:30 Francesca Vidotto (IMAPP Nijmegen) - No Time No Problem
    • 14:00 Marco Guagnelli (INFN Pavia) - Do Virtual Particles Really Exist?
  • June 13th (LAPTh Annecy)
    • 10:30 Philippe Brax (IPhT CEA Saclay) - What is the Problem With the Cosmological Constant?
    • 14:00 Alexia Auffèves (Institut NÉEL Grenoble) - A Physically Realist Ontology for Quantum Mechanics

There is no fee, but registration is mandatory (before June 1st) for the free lunch.


The logo is an artwork by the artist Red called  "Distoriyan".



Démarre 9 juin 2017 08:00
Finit 13 juin 2017 18:00
LPSC Grenoble (June 9th) & LAPTh Annecy (June 13th)