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Observing with NIKA2Pol from the 30m telescope. Early results on the commissioning phase.


  • Dr. Alessia RITACCO

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NIKA2 is equipped with a polarization system composed by a multi-mesh half wave plate (HWP) and a polarizer placed at the cryostat stage of 100 mK which transmits and re ects the two orientation of the linear polarization on two 1mm KID-arrays. The polarizer is needed because the NIKA2 detectors KIDs are unsensitive to the polarization, the warm HWP placed in front of the cryostat window modulates the incoming polarization shifting the polarized signal at higher frequency (4 times the HWP rotation frequency). This technique allows us to have a quasi-simultaneous measurement of the three Stokes parameters I, Q, and U and places the polarization far from low frequency noise. This contribution aims at giving an overview on the status of the commissioning of NIKA2Pol. On one hand it will be shown how do perform observations with NIKA2Pol from a technical point of view, which constraints should be considered, which mapping speed should be used etc. On the other hand preliminary results obtained on the calibration and the study of the performances of the polarimeter will be given.