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Preliminary results from the NIKA2-Pol commissioning : Analyzing and correcting for instrumental polarization


  • Mr. Hamza AJEDDIG

Auteurs principaux

  • Mr. Hamza AJEDDIG (Département d’Astrophysique (AIM), CEA Saclay, 91191 Gif-sur-Yvette, France)



Highlighting the role of magnetic fields in the star formation process is crucial. Observations have already shown that magnetic fields play an important role in the early stages of star formation. The high spatial resolution (~0.01 to 0.05 pc) provided by NIKA2-Pol 1.2 mm polarimetric imaging of nearby clouds will help us to start clarifying the geometry of the B field within dense cores and molecular filament(as part of the IRAM 30m large program B-FUN). There are numerous challenging issues in the validation of NIKA-Pol such as the calibration of instrumental polarization and performance. The commissioning data analysis of NIKA2-Pol is helping us to characterize the beam or “leakage” pattern of the instrument in polarization mode. We will present a synthetic analysis of the intensity to polarization leakage pattern, and its dependence with elevation. We will also present the current leakage correction made possible by NIKA2 pipeline in polarization mode based on the NIKA2-Pol commissioning data from Dec. 2018. We will show reduced Stokes I, Q, U maps before and after leakage correction for a number of calibrators.