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Analysis of Galactic molecular clouds polarization maps: a review of the methods


  • Frédérick POIDEVIN

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Galactic molecular clouds are made of subparsec scale filamentary structures in which star formation occurs. The role of the magnetic fields in the formation and evolution of such structures leading to the formation of prestellar cores is still poorly understood, one reason being the lack of resolution provided by current and previous experiments. By measuring the linear polarized emission of the magnetically aligned dust grain material such experiments (e.g. Planck, BLASTPol, JCMT) have provided crucial information about the structure of the magnetic fields on large scales. The new data provided by NIKA2 will help to make similar measurements and fill this gap by resolving the structures of the magnetic fields at subparsec scales. In this talk I will give a review of the methods used to analyse linear polarimetry maps in order to retrieve information about the magnetic fields components. Some aspects regarding dust grains polarization properties will also be adressed.