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Debris disks around stars in the NIKA2 era


  • Dr. Jean-François LESTRADE

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Planets and planetesimals are formed in the gas- and dust-rich protoplanetary disks surrounding nascent stars in the first 10 Myr of their life. Planetesimals belts, or debris disks, that remain afterward are unique objets to study planetary systems that have evolved from these primordial structures. On one hand, optical/IR observations reveal small sized grains that are partly blown out the system, on the other hand millimetre-wave observations are sensitive to large grains that are tidly bound to the planetesimal belt itself and so can be used to probe it. We shall discuss complementarity between millimeter-wave interferometer and single dish observations in the NIKA2 era in using recent observations of the iconic debris disks around Vega, HR8799, HD107146 and of the field around the star GJ526.