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Forthcoming instruments

Date: 6 juin 16:00 - 17:30

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The inflationary scenario generically predicts the existence of primordial gravitational waves (GW) over a wide range of amplitudes from slow-roll to multi-field models. Currently the most promising method for constraining, and potentially detecting an inflationary GW background is to search for the imprint of these tensor perturbations in the cosmic microwave background (CMB) B-mode polarization. ... Plus
Présenté par Dr. Denis BARKATS on 6/6/2019 à 14:00
Mapping millimetre continuum emission of the astronomical sky has become a key issue in modern multi-wavelength astrophysics as such mapping is required to tackle a series of very important questions related to cosmology, galaxy evolution, formation of individual and clustered starts and finally the nature of circumstellar envelops and disks. In particular the spectro-imaging at low resolution fr ... Plus
Présenté par Mr. Alessandro FASANO on 6/6/2019 à 14:30
CONCERTO is a new instrument planned to be installed in the APEX Cassegrain Cabin in early 2021. It is a spectrometer with an instantaneous field of view exceeding 300 Sq. arcmin. and a spectral resolution of 1.5 GHz. It covers the frequency band 120-360 GHz. The main scientific aim of CONCERTO is to map in three dimensions the fluctuations of the CII line intensity in the reionisation and post-re ... Plus
Présenté par Prof. Guilaine LAGACHE on 6/6/2019 à 15:00
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