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KISS: a spectro-imager dedicated to the secondary anisotropies of the CMB


  • Mr. Alessandro FASANO

Auteurs principaux


Mapping millimetre continuum emission of the astronomical sky has become a key issue in modern multi-wavelength astrophysics as such mapping is required to tackle a series of very important questions related to cosmology, galaxy evolution, formation of individual and clustered starts and finally the nature of circumstellar envelops and disks. In particular the spectro-imaging at low resolution frequency is necessary today for the characterisation of the cluster of galaxies. They are studied through the Sunyaev-Zel’dovich (SZ) effect and used as probes of the large-scale structures and evolution of the universe. In this context, we built and installed a ground-based spectro-imager: KISS the KIDs-Interfero-Spectrometer-Survey.