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Unveiling the inner structure of distant XXL clusters with NIKA2: a multi-wavelength approach


  • Dr. Marina RICCI

Auteurs principaux


Galaxy cluster analyses at different wavelengths allows a better understanding of their formation and evolution, leading to a more realistic modeling of their physics. Comparing optical, X-ray and SZ cluster samples also enables us to check the selection functions of the surveys, and to test the cosmological representativeness of the detections. As a consequence, the multi-wavelength approach is a key to reduce uncertainties and systematics in both astrophysics and cosmological studies of galaxy clusters. The XXL survey, conducted by XMM-Newton, allows us to select relatively low mass clusters up to high redshift. I will present an ongoing observational project, aiming at mapping the inner structure of three distants XXL clusters with NIKA2. The main motivation is to conduct a multi- wavelength (X-ray + millimetre + optical) characterization of clusters in a mass and redshift regime that is barely explored to date, but which will be extensively probed by future large X-ray and optical/NIR missions, and that is becoming accessible to ground based SZ surveys. I will expose the characterization of XLSSC102, a ~ XXL cluster at z=0.97, in terms of morphology, dynamical state and thermodynamic profiles. I will show that XLSSC102 appears to be a highly perturbed, post-merger cluster and I will discuss how this impacts the shape of its thermodynamic profiles. Finally, I will conclude on what can be learned for future surveys.