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Wednesday Morning-2

Date: 5 juin 11:00 - 12:25

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The Planck mission has brought considerable constraints on the properties of dust, and their evolution from the most diffuse, high-latitude, Galactic ISM to the densest regions of the Gould Belt (Planck 2013 results. XI, Planck Int. Results 2015, XXIX). The combined analysis of ancillary and Planck HFI data has imposed a revision of dust models for the diffuse/translucent ISM, both in total and po ... Plus
Présenté par Dr. Vincent GUILLET on 5/6/2019 à 9:30
I will introduce NOEMA interferometer, its latest upgrades and capabilities. In particular, I will detail the increase of sensitivity with more antennas, increase of spatial resolution with track extension, and increase of bandwidth with new receiver generation as well as future dual band upgrade. Finally, I will discuss the complementarity between NOEMA and NIKA2 and possible synergies from galac ... Plus
Présenté par Dr. Charlène LEFEVRE on 5/6/2019 à 9:00
The relationship between supermassive black hole (SMBH) accretion and star formation has lead to controversial studies claiming that Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN) activity might both quench and enhance galaxies' star-forming content. Especially at high redshift (z>2), their interplay is still poorly understood, also due to the lack of accurate estimates of star formation rate (SFR) and AGN power in ... Plus
Présenté par Ivan DELVECCHIO on 5/6/2019 à 10:00
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