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SZ observations

Date: 4 juin 08:35 - 12:25

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Session: SZ observations
The NIKA2 SZ large program (LPSZ) was designed to take advantage of the NIKA2 high angular resolution and large eld of view to help us improve our knowledge of galaxy clusters. It consists in observing ∼50 clusters from intermediate to high red- shift (z ∈ [0.5, 0.9]) to re-compute the relations needed for cluster-based cosmological analysis, i.e. the mean pressure pro le of the intra-cluster ... Plus
Présenté par Mr. Florian KÉRUZORÉ on 4/6/2019 à 9:30
Session: SZ observations
Upcoming optical/IR surveys will have both the sensitivity and the area to push cluster detection to $z > 2$. The SZ and X-ray follow-ups of richness-selected clusters enable investigating the ICM properties at high redshift and improve our understanding of cluster formation. With both a wide field of view and a high angular resolution, NIKA2 is a very well suited instrument to map the SZ signal o ... Plus
Présenté par Dr. Florian RUPPIN on 4/6/2019 à 9:00
Session: SZ observations
The main limiting factor of cosmological analyses based on thermal Sunyaev-Zel’dovich (SZ) cluster statistics comes from the bias and systematic uncertainties that affect the estimates of the mass of galaxy clusters. High-angular resolution SZ observations at high redshift are needed to study a potential redshift or morphology dependence of both the mean pressure profile and the mass-observabl ... Plus
Présenté par Prof. Frédéric MAYET on 4/6/2019 à 8:00
Session: SZ observations
Complementarily to X-ray observations, the thermal SZ effect is a powerful tool to probe the baryonic content of galaxy clusters from their core to their peripheries. While contaminations by astrophysical (Galactic and extragalactic thermal dust) and insrumental backgrounds require us to scan the thermal SZ signal across various frequencies, the multi-scale nature of cluster morphologies require u ... Plus
Présenté par Mr. Herve BOURDIN on 4/6/2019 à 9:55
Session: SZ observations
Clusters of galaxies are unique cosmological probes sensitive to the primordial density fluctuations, and the expansion history and energy content of the Universe. The thermal Sunyaev-Zeldovich (tSZ) effect is an observable of choice for cluster cosmology due to the low scatter in the relationship between SZ flux and cluster mass, and the construction of large tSZ selected cluster catalogs. The Pl ... Plus
Présenté par Dr. Juan Francisco MACIAS-PEREZ on 4/6/2019 à 7:30
Session: SZ observations
I will review the evolution of observations of the Sunyaev-Zeldovich (SZ) signal from groups and clusters of galaxies within the course of the past two decades. The SZ effect has become an efficient way to investigate the astrophysics of the hot intra-cluster gas, very competitive and complementary to X-ray observations, and thereby renew the use of massive halos as a cosmological probe. I will di ... Plus
Présenté par Dr. Etienne POINTECOUTEAU on 4/6/2019 à 7:00
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