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Exploiting the Plank legacy: properties of SZ-selected galaxy clusters at high-z and high-mass


  • Dr. Mariachiara ROSSETTI

Auteurs principaux


The Sunyaev-Zeldovich effect provides an observational window to the intracluster medium complementary to X-ray observations, and over the last few years has proved to be a mature technique to efficiently detect and characterize galaxy clusters. For instance, the Planck survey has mapped the whole microwave sky, detecting almost 2000 candidate massive clusters up to z~1, performing the first all-sky survey of galaxy clusters 20 years after the RASS. I will present preliminary results on the population of massive and high-redshift clusters in the PSZ2 catalogue that we followed-up with Chandra. These observations have allowed us to identify interesting extreme merging systems, candidate cool cores and to study the evolution of the density profiles with respect to Planck-selected samples at lower z and mass. These objects are ideal targets for observations with NIKA2.