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Evolution of cluster profiles with XMM and Chandra at z>0.5 and status of the NIKA2 LP X-ray follow-up


  • Dr. Iacopo BARTALUCCI

Auteurs principaux


We present the dynamical properties and the individual spatially resolved radial mass profiles of a sample of 77 massive clusters in the [0.05-1] redshift range detected via the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect. For the 5 clusters at z>0.9, we present a method to study such objects that optimally exploits information from XMM-Newton and Chandra observations. The combination of Chandra’s excellent spatial resolution and XMM-Newton’s photon collecting power allows us to investigate the properties for the first time in such objects. For the lowest mass clusters which are in common with the NIKA2 LP, we present the results of the XMM-Newton follow-up and the future prospects for high-resolution X-ray/SZ combination. We discuss simultaneously the dispersion and evolution of the thermodynamical, mass and dark matter profiles shape and show the link with the underlying dynamical state. We contrast the optical and X-ray mass estimates by comparing our results with lensing values. Finally, we verify theoretical predictions by contrasting our results with RAMSES cosmological simulations covering our same mass and redshift range.