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Instrumental session

Date: 5 juin 09:00 - 11:00

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We are developing a 100GHz band camera designed for survey of distant galaxies. Field-of-view of this camera is around 3-arcmin, and 100GHz band observation helps peer through the characteristics of very distant galaxies. This is also a prototype for the future 10m Antarctic telescope to survey southern distant galaxies. The focal plane array of this camera is 109 pixel antenna-coupled Microwave K ... Plus
Présenté par Mr. Pranshu MANDAL on 5/6/2019 à 8:00
The NIKA2 instrument, operating at the IRAM 30-meters telescope, is based on the LEKID array technology dedicated to millimeter wave astronomy. This instrument is composed of one low frequency array for the 120-180GHz range, and two high frequency polarization sensitive arrays for the 220-280GHz range. Since 2013 different versions of the arrays have been developed for NIKA2. We will describe the ... Plus
Présenté par Dr. Johannes GOUPY on 5/6/2019 à 7:00
The NIKA2 team are continuously working on improving the performance of the NIKA2 arrays. In this talk, we present our recent developments on the 1mm array from three aspects. Firstly, a small pixel design has been studied to achieve higher angular resolution. Secondly, a thorough simulation and FTS measurements have been performed to understand the frequency response. Thirdly, a capacitor trimmin ... Plus
Présenté par Mr. Shibo SHU on 5/6/2019 à 7:30
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