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Beam characteristics of Nobeyama 45m 100GHz band MKID camera


  • Mr. Pranshu MANDAL

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We are developing a 100GHz band camera designed for survey of distant galaxies. Field-of-view of this camera is around 3-arcmin, and 100GHz band observation helps peer through the characteristics of very distant galaxies. This is also a prototype for the future 10m Antarctic telescope to survey southern distant galaxies. The focal plane array of this camera is 109 pixel antenna-coupled Microwave Kinetic Inductance Detectors(MKIDs). The camera at its current state of development has been commissioned at Nobeyama 45m telescope twice, and the results from the commissioning are presented. Observations of Mars and Venus were made to study the beam characteristics. Beammaps of Mars observations were synthesized by combining each pixel beammaps according to their proper offset from the central beam. The image synthesis pipeline is written in Python using HEALPix gridding system and Cygrid. The methods used make it a versatile tool for individual source imaging as well as enables it to be expanded into a galactic survey mapping.