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GOODS-ALMA: 1.1 mm extragalactic survey : Physical properties of massive star-forming galaxies at z > 2


  • Mr. Maximilien FRANCO

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We will present the latest results of a 69 arcmin2 ALMA survey at 1.1mm, GOODS-ALMA, matching the deepest HST-WFC3 H-band observed region of the GOODS-South field. We have extracted two catalogs, one of galaxies purely selected by ALMA, from which we have identified sources both with and without HST counterparts, and another catalog based on priors. Our wide contiguous survey allows us to push the ALMA blind detection of massive galaxies further in redshift, with a median redshift of z = 2.92 and a median stellar mass of M=1.1 x 10^11 solar masses. Our sample includes 20% HST-dark galaxies (4/20), all of which are detected in the mid-infrared with Spitzer-IRAC. We will also present the main characteristics of the ALMA-detected galaxies (star formation rate, gas fraction, star formation efficiency, temperature etc.) and discuss whether these galaxies present global properties and could be the progenitors of the compact passive galaxies observed at z~2.