11-13 juin 2019
Europe/Paris timezone

New Experiment With Sphere-Gas

    The NEWS-G collaboration gathers physicists interested in developing spherical gaseous detectors or SPCs (Spherical Proportional Counters) for various particle physics applications. The novel concept of SPCs was originally proposed by Ioannis Giomataris (IRFU CEA-Saclay), and developed by the Saclay, Thessaloniki, and Zaragoza teams. Specific features of these detectors include their low capacitance, low energy threshold, excellent energy resolution, single readout channel (in its simplest version), low cost, robustness, and flexibility in gas choice and operating pressure. The main goal of NEWS-G Collaboration is Light WIMPs Dark Matter search. These appealing attributes make many other including coherent elastic neutrino-nucleus scattering (CeνNS) studies, double beta decay searches, gamma-ray spectroscopy, neutron spectroscopy and dark matter detection.

    The 6 th NEWS-G Collaboration meeting will be held in Laboratoire de Physique Subatomique et de Cosmologie (LPSC), Grenoble, from June 11 th to June 13th. Collaborators, coming from all over the world (Canada, USA, UK, Greece), will present the status and the progress of the project workpackages in order to focus on the upcoming experiment at SNOLAB.

Démarre 11 juin 2019 13:00
Finit 13 juin 2019 21:40