Séminaires et colloques

Multi-messenger physics with the Pierre Auger Observatory

by Dr Carla Bleve

Grand amphithéâtre (LPSC)

Grand amphithéâtre



The Pierre Auger Observatory is a large hybrid experiment for the study of ultra-high-energy (UHE) cosmic rays combining fluorescence telescopes and a 3,000 km2 surface array of water-Cherenkov detectors. In this seminar the capabilities of the Observatory as a detector of UHE neutrinos and photons, the methods used for their search, current upper limits to the diffuse cosmogenic fluxes and directional searches will be presented, including the follow up study of transient sources such as gravitational waves events. The ongoing upgrade of the surface detector with scintillators and improved analysis methods under development will allow to pursue a multi-messenger approach for the identification of sources of the highest energy cosmic rays