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[Postdoc seminar] Tau-neutrino physics in the DUNE experiment and recent activities related to the Liquid Argon Time Projection Chamber Vertical Drift design

by Thomas Kosc

Grand Amphi (LPSC)

Grand Amphi



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DUNE (Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment) is a major forthcoming long-baseline neutrino experiment dedicated among others to the study of neutrino oscillations via the production of a beam of muon neutrinos at Fermilab. They will be studied both at a near detector site (Fermilab) and at a far detector site located 1300 km away at the Sanford Underground Research Facility (SURF) in South Dakota.

In addition to a rich oscillations program, DUNE will have an unprecedented sensitivity to the tau neutrino appearance via the large oscillations of muon neutrinos into tau neutrinos along its baseline. Their study will allow to significantly improve the understanding of neutrino interactions and offering a test for the 3-flavour neutrino paradigm. However the prompt decay of the charged lepton tau makes the corresponding neutrino flavour identification way more complicated than for electron/muon neutrinos for which the direct observation of the electron/muon is possible.

In this seminar I will present the DUNE experiment and expose the work I did on the tau neutrino search during my thesis in Lyon. I will also dedicate some time to discuss the implication of the LPSC neutrino group in the DUNE collaboration. More specifically, the group will deploy efforts towards the prototyping and construction of the second far detector module of the DUNE experiment, which will use the so-called Vertical Drift design of the well-known Liquid Argon Time Projection Chamber technology.