Séminaires et colloques

Ten years since the Higgs discovery, what's next at the energy frontier?

by Jon Butterworth (UCL)

Grand Amphi (LPSC)

Grand Amphi



The Large Hadron Collider at CERN gives us direct access to physics above the key "electroweak symmetry breaking" energy scale, where the weak and electromagnetic forces come together. This scale is associated with the Higgs boson, discovered at the CERN in 2012. I will give a brief overview of what we have learned since then. As we begin the third running period of the machine, and head toward the "high luminosity" era, I will discuss the coming precision exploration of this new regime of physics, with some personal opinions on how best to approach it.

Organized by

Cyrille Doux, Sabine Kraml, Killian Martineau