Status of R&D on microbulk Micromegas for low background applications: the T-REX project

10 Jun 2011, 09:00


Dr Igor Irastorza (Universidad de Zaragoza)


T-REX is a transversal ERC-funded project aiming at exploring and enhancing the features of modern TPC readouts for application in Rare Events, like their radioactivity content, topological information, energy resolution, etc... Microbulk Micromegas are leading candidates for these searches for reasons like their lightness and radiopurity, as well as their highly homogeneous response. The latests achievements will be presented, specially those regarding their application to axion physics (the CAST experiment and the future new generation axion helioscope) or double beta decay (the NEXT project). For the former low background, low threshold and high granularity are required, and good energy resolution for the latter. The radiopurity of the microbulk Micromegas have been measured and plans for improvement are underway. Most of these studies are of interest for eventual application in WIMP dark matter detection, although further specific tests are planned in this direction.

Primary author

Dr Igor Irastorza (Universidad de Zaragoza)

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