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Monday, August 23rd, 2010

Oral Presentation


Status of ECRIS Operation

Chair: S. Gammino

MOCOAK01 SECRAL Status and Test Operation at 24GHz

Hongwei Zhao


MOCOAK02 Intense Ion Beam Production with SuSI

        Liangting Sun



        Takahide Nakagawa


MOCOAK04 Status of the VENUS ECR Ion Source

        Daniela Leitner




Status & New Developments

Chair: C. Lyneis

MOCOBK01 ECR ion sources for the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB) project at Michigan State University

                Guillaume Machicoane

MOCOBK02 Present status of FLNR (JINR) ECR ion sources

                Sergei Bogomolov

MOCOBK03 Status of ion sources at HIMAC

                Atsushi Kitagawa

MOCOBK04 The ORNL MIRF HV Platform and Floating Beamline Upgrade Project

                Fred Meyer



Status & New Developments

Chair: T.Nakagawa

MOCOCK01 PK-ISIS: a new superconducting ECR ion source at Pantechnik

                Antonio C. Villari

MOCOCK02 3D simulation studies and optimization of magnetic holes of HTS-ECRIS for improving the extraction efficiency and intensities of highly charged ions

                Gerard O. Rodrigues

MOCOCK03 Design study of a higher magnetic field SC ECRIS at IMP

                Daniel Xie

MOCOCK04 Measurement of the Sixty GHz ECR Ion Source using Megawatt Magnets - SEISM magnetic field map

                Mélanie Marie-Jeanne

MOCOCK05 Multigan®: a new multicharged ions source based on axisymetric magnetic structure

                Laurent Maunoury


Monday, August 23rd, 2010

Poster Session

MOPOT01 Operation of KeiGM for the carbon ion therapy facility at Gunma University

                Masayuki Muramatsu

MOPOT02 Two-chamber configuration of the Bio-Nano ECRIS

                Takashi Uchida

MOPOT03 Study of Potential Application of Compact ECRIS to Analytical System

                Masanori Kidera

MOPOT04 Neutralisation of accelerated ions and detection of resulting neutrals.

                Thies Peleikis

MOPOT05 High current production with 2.45 GHz ECR Ion source

                Arona Coly

MOPOT06 Ionization efficiency of a COMIC ion source equipped with a quartz plasma chamber

                Pekka Suominen

MOPOT07 Preliminary steps for high intensity beam tomography reconstruction

                Cherry May Mateo                                             Canceled

MOPOT08 He2+ source based on penning discharge with additional 75 GHz ECR heating.

                Ivan Izotov

MOPOT09 Beam Simulations in the Extraction Line of the RIKEN 28 GHz ECR Ion Source

                Jun-Ichi Ohnishi                                                 Canceled

MOPOT10 The Light Ion Guide CB-ECRIS project at the Texas A&M University Cyclotron Institute

                Gabriel Tabacaru

MOPOT11 DRAGON a new 18 GHz RT ECR ion source with a large plasma chamber

                Wang Lu

MOPOT12 Tests of the Versatile Ion Source (VIS) for high power proton beam production

                Santo Gammino

MOPOT13 MONOBOB II : Latest results of monocharged ion source for SPIRAL2 RIB

                Mickael Dubois

MOPOT14 The design of 28 GHz ECR Ion Source for the Compact Linear Accelerator in Korea

                Misook Won

MOPOT15 The Design Study of Superconducting Magnet System for a Advanced ECR Ion Source

                Byoung Seob Lee

MOPOT16 Early uranium ion production in SUSI and a low power survey of offset axial sputtering

                Dallas Cole

MOPOT17 Tests of a New Axial Sputtering Technique in an ECRIS

                Robert Scott


Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Oral Presentation


Ions Beam & LEBTs

Chair: R. Vondrasek

TUCOAK01 First A/Q=3 beams of Phoenix V2 on the heavy ions low energy beam transport line of Spiral2

                Christophe Peaucelle

TUCOAK02 Trace Space Reconstruction From Pepperpot Data

                Herman R. Kremers

TUCOAK03 Plasma-to-Target WARP simulations of Uranium beams extracted from VENUS compared to emittance measurements and beam images.

                Daniel Winklehner

TUCOAK04 Production of U ion beam from RIKEN SC-ECRIS with sputtering method

                Yoshihide Higurashi



Pulsed Operation

Chair: P. Spaëdke

TUCOBK01 Preglow phenomenon origins and its scaling for ECRIS

                Ivan Izotov

TUCOBK02 Preglow” investigation in ECR discharge @ 37 GHz, 100 kW

                Vadim Skalyga

TUCOBK03 Time Evolution of Plasma Potential in Pulsed Operation of ECRIS

                Olli Tarvainen

TUCOBK04 Micropulses generation in ECR breakdown stimulated by gyrotron radiation at 37.5 GHz

                Vladimir Zorin




Chair: L.Maunoury

TUCOCK01 Beam, Multi-Beam and Broad Beam production with COMIC devices

                Pascal Sortais

TUCOCK02 Status of the Electron Cyclotron Resonance Ion Source Development at Peking University

                Shixiang Peng

TUCOCK03 Development of 14 GHz electron cyclotron resonance ion source at KAERI

                Byung-Hoon Oh

TUCOCK04 Mass Spectrometry with an ECR Ion Source

                Michael Hotchkis

TUCOCK05 Special Presentation of the Grenoble High Magnetic Field Laboratory (LNCMI)

                Francois Debray


Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Poster Session

TUPOT01 Plans for Laser Ablation of Actinides into an ECRIS for Accelerator Mass Spectroscopy

                Richard Pardo

TUPOT02 Enhancement of ECR performances by means of carbon nanotubes based electron guns

                Fabrizio Odorici

TUPOT03 A new BETSI test bench at CEA/Saclay

                Sébastien Nyckees

TUPOT04 MICROGAN ECR ion source in a Van de Graaff accelerator terminal

                Gabriel Gaubert

TUPOT05 An ECR table plasma generator

                Richard Rácz

TUPOT06 Using Mass-flow controllers for obtaining extremely stable ECR ion source beams

                Xavier Donzel

TUPOT07 Preliminary design of BLISI, an off resonance microwave proton source

                Slobodan Djekic

TUPOT08 Performance of the LBNL AECR-U with a TWTA

                Janilee Benitez

TUPOT09 Measurements Of Bremsstrahlung Radiation and X-ray heat load to cryostat on SECRAL

                Huanyu Zhang

TUPOT10 Effects of microwave frequency fine tuning on the performance of JYFL 14 GHz ECRIS

                Ville Toivanen

TUPOT11 Measurement of the diamagnetic current on the LBNL 6.4 GHz ECR ion source

                Jonathan Noland

TUPOT12 Microwave frequency dependence of the properties of the ion beam extracted from a CAPRICE type ECRIS

                Fabio Maimone

TUPOT13 Influence of initial plasma density and mean electron energy on the Preglow effect

                Ivan Izotov

TUPOT14 Optimized extraction conditions from high power-ECRIS by dedicated dielectric structures

                Leon Schachter

TUPOT15 Permanent Magnet ECRIS for the KEK Digital Accelerator

                Kwee Wah Leo

TUPOT16 Long-term operation experience with two ECR ion sources and planned extensions at HIT

                Tim Winkelmann

TUPOT17 CEA/Saclay light ion sources status and developments

                Raphael Gobin

TUPOT18 Sheath Formation of a Plasma Containing Multiply Charged Ions, Cold and Hot Electrons, and Emitted Electrons

                Hyun Jong You


Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Oral Presentation


Plasma & Beam Investigations

Chair: H.W. Zhao

WECOAK01 Characterization of the microwave coupling to the plasma chamber of the LBL ECR ion source.

                Claude M Lyneis

WECOAK02 Some considerations about frequency tuning effect in ECRIS plasmas

                David Mascali

WECOAK03 Studies of the ECR plasma in the visible light range

                Sandor Biri

WECOAK04 Bremsstrahlung and ion beam current measurements with SuSI ECR ion source

                Tommi Ropponen

WECOAK05 Maximum bremsstrahlung energy versus different heating limits

                Hannu Koivisto



Charge Breeding, Optics

Chair: O. Kester

WECOBK01 Commissioning of the ECRIS Charge State Breeder at TRIUMF

                Friedhelm Ames

WECOBK02 Recent Performance of the ANL ECR Charge Breeder

                Richard Vondrasek

WECOBK03 Fine frequency tuning of the PHOENIX charge breeder used as a probe for ECRIS plasmas

                Thierry Lamy

WECOBK04 Ion beam focussing and steering using a 3D-movable extraction

                Lauri Panitzsch


Thursday, August 25, 2010

Oral Presentation


Plasma & Beam Investigations

Chair: R. Leroy

THCOAK01 A correction scheme for the hexapolar error of an ion beam extracted from an ECRIS

                Peter Spaedtke

THCOAK02 Kinetic Plasma Simulation of Ion Beam Extraction from a Hexapole ECR Ion Source

                Stephen M. Elliott

THCOAK03 Dipole magnet optimization for high efficiency low energy beam transport

                Suresh Saminathan

THCOAK04 Modeling ECRIS using a 1D multifluid code

                Michael Stalder

THCOBK01 Closing Remarks

                Takahide Nakagawa