Simulation of the Directional Dark Matter Detector (D3) and Directional Neutron Observer (DiNO)

9 Jun 2011, 15:00


Dr Igal Jaegle (University of Hawaii)


We present simulation studies of Time Projection Chambers (TPCs), where the drift charge is amplified with Gas Electron Multipliers (GEMs) and detected with pixel electronics. The ionization in the target gas is detected with low noise, good position and time resolution, and high efficiency. These features are promising for improved detection of charged particles and fast neutrons, and may allow dark matter searches with improved sensitivity, particularly for low-mass WIMP candidates. We will present ongoing simulation studies, including first sensitivity-estimates for a Directional Dark Matter Detector (D3) and a Directional Neutron Observer (DiNO) based on these technologies.

Primary author

Dr Igal Jaegle (University of Hawaii)

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