Mini-workshop on recasting ATLAS and CMS new physics searches

LPSC Grenoble

LPSC Grenoble

Sabine Kraml (LPSC)

This is an informal meeting of people working on interpretation tools for LHC new physics searches. The main purpose is to compare different approaches and to discuss experiences, problems and solutions for implementing+validating ATLAS and CMS analyses in recast codes. A certain focus will be on questions related to fast detector simulation. 

The workshop dinner will be Wed Sep 10 at 19:30 in the restaurant L'Exception.

Partial funding by the LabEx ENIGMASS is gratefully acknowledged.

IMPORTANT: new access to LPSC by tram and bus.

  • Benjamin Fuks
  • Béranger Dumont
  • Daniel Schmeier
  • Dipan Sengupta
  • Eric Conte
  • Guillaume Chalons
  • Ian-Woo Kim
  • Jamie Tattersall
  • Karen De Causmaecker
  • Kazuki Sakurai
  • Keith Ulmer
  • Marie-Helene Genest
  • Michele Selvaggi
  • Pavel Demin
  • Sabine Kraml
  • Tommaso Lari