6-8 July 2016
Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris
Europe/Paris timezone

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The CNRS/IN2P3 organizes a technical workshop in Paris dedicated to fuel cycle calculations on 2015 6 – 8th July.

Nuclear scenario studies (fuel cycle calculation) aim to describe and to compare, within a geographical, economical and political framework, the consequence of a given strategy related to the nuclear fuel cycle in the short term and long term future.
The indispensable tool for that is the dynamic fuel cycle simulation software which principal feature is to identify isotope quantities in each unit of the nuclear fleet. From that, it is possible to identify the needs in terms of natural uranium, cooling, transportation and reprocessing capacities as the long term storage needs. It is also possible to quantify the feasibility of a given strategy and its consequences given the hypothesis of the scenario.

Several institutions are developing their own numerical tools, and their own models for each part of the fuel cycle (reactor irradiation, fuel fabrication, etc...) and they are multiple possibilities to study a given scenario. This workshop will be dedicated to the presentation of those different tools and the study which could be carried out with those tools. We defined different sessions which are:

  • Fuel cycle simulation tool and physics models
  • Transition scenarios
  • Economy and sociology component of fuel cycle studies
  • Uncertainties analysis
  • Economy and sociology component of fuel cycle studies

The workshop is funded by the CNRS/IN2P3 and the NEEDS program.