Apr 8 – 12, 2024
Maison MINATEC, Grenoble, FRANCE
Europe/Paris timezone

Search for rare and BSM top-quark production and decays

Apr 10, 2024, 10:20 AM
Maison MINATEC, Grenoble, FRANCE

Maison MINATEC, Grenoble, FRANCE

3 Parv. Louis Néel, 38054 Grenoble
Regular parallel talk WG3: Electroweak Physics and Beyond the Standard Model WG3


Olga Bessidskaia Bylund


Millions of top quarks already produced at LHC TeV are ideal for searching for rare top-quark decays. Besides flavor-changing neutral currents that are highly suppressed in the Standard Model, baryon and lepton number conservation can be probed in top quark events. In this talk, recent searches for rare and beyond the Standard Model top-quark production and decay with significantly increased sensitivity will be discussed. Several of the measurements are the first of their kind.

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