Apr 8 – 12, 2024
Maison MINATEC, Grenoble, FRANCE
Europe/Paris timezone

Phenomenology of TMD parton distributions in Drell-Yan and $Z^0$ boson production in a hadron structure oriented approach

Apr 10, 2024, 3:10 PM
Maison MINATEC, Grenoble, FRANCE

Maison MINATEC, Grenoble, FRANCE

3 Parv. Louis Néel, 38054 Grenoble
Regular parallel talk WG5: Spin and 3D Structure WG5


Tommaso Rainaldi (Old Dominion University)


We present a first practical implementation of a recently proposed hadron structure oriented (HSO) approach to TMD phenomenology applied to Drell-Yan like processes, including lepton pair production at moderate $Q^2$ and $Z^0$ boson production.
We compare and contrast general features of our methodology with other common practices and emphasize the improvements derived from our approach that we view as essential for applications where extracting details of nonperturbative transverse hadron structure is a major goal. These include the HSO's preservation of a basic TMD parton-model-like framework even while accounting for full TMD factorization and evolution, explicit preservation of the integral relationship between TMD and collinear pdfs, and the ability to meaningfully compare different theoretical models of nonperturbative transverse momentum dependence.
In our examples, we show that there is significant sensitivity at moderate $Q^2$ to both the form of the nonperturbative transverse momentum dependence and the parametrization of collinear parton densities. However, we also find that evolving to $Q^2 = M_Z^2$, without fitting, results in a satisfactory postdiction of existing data for $Z^0$ production, nearly independently of the modeling of nonperturbative transverse momentum dependence. We argue that this demonstrates that moderate $Q$ measurements should be given greater weight than high $Q$ measurements in extractions of nonperturbative transverse momentum dependence.
We also obtain new extractions of the nonperturbative Collins-Soper kernel within the HSO approach. We discuss its features and compare with some earlier extractions.

Primary authors

Andrea Simonelli (Old Dominion University/ Jefferson Lab) Fatma Aslan (University of Connecticut, Storrs / Jefferson Lab) Jose-Osvaldo Gonzalez-Hernandez (University of Turin/ INFN) Mariaelena Boglione (University of Turin/ INFN) Ted C. Rogers (Old Dominion University/ Jefferson Lab) Tommaso Rainaldi (Old Dominion University)

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