CYGNUS 2011 : 3rd Workshop on directional detection of Dark Matter

Daniel Santos (LPSC) , Frédéric Mayet (LPSC)
The third CYGNUS workshop on directional dark matter detection will be organised by LPSC and held at AUSSOIS (France), from June 7-10, 2011. This international conference will bring together the scientific community working on both theoretical and experimental aspects of directional dark matter detection and the galactic dark matter distribution. Directional detection of galactic Dark Matter is a promising search strategy for discriminating genuine WIMP events from background ones. In this conference we focus on : technical progress on gaseous detectors, data analysis (3D, sense recognition, ...), experimental results from directional prototypes, phenomenological studies, dark matter halo dynamics. CYGNUS 2011 is the third in a series of directional dark matter detection workshops. The original meeting, CYGNUS 2007 was held at the Boulby Underground Laboratory in the UK. The second, CYGNUS 2009, was held at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in June 2009. Please note that the attendance is strictly limited to 40 participants, due to accomodation limitation. Payement will be asked later during the spring 2011. We therefore kindly ask potential participants to register as early as possible. Registration price is 360 euros. It includes : proceedings, hotel accommodation, meals & breakfast (in the conference center) from June 7th dinner to June 10th lunch
  • Anton Baushev
  • Benjamin Censier
  • Bernard McCluskey
  • Bruno Guerard
  • Charling TAO
  • Chung-Lin Shan
  • Constanze Hasterok
  • Daniel Albornoz Vasquez
  • Daniel Santos
  • Esther Ferrer Ribas
  • Frederic Mayet
  • Giovanni De Lellis
  • Guillaume Warot
  • Igal Jaeglé
  • Igor Irastorza
  • James Battat
  • Javier Galan
  • Jocelyn Monroe
  • Julien Billard
  • Kentaro Miuchi
  • Neil Spooner
  • Olivier bourrion
  • Olivier Guillaudin
  • Pia Loaiza
  • Quentin Riffard
  • Stephen Sadler
  • Sven Vahsen
  • Tatsuhiro Naka