Observing the Universe at millimetre wavelengths

LPSC Grenoble

LPSC Grenoble

Frederic Mayet (LPSC)


The observations of the sky at millimetre wavelengths in the past years contributed to tremendous improvements in our understanding of a great variety of scientific topics ranging from the star formation in the Milky Way to the measurement of cosmological parameters.

The mm Universe conference series has started in 2019. The two first editions were mainly focused on NIKA2 although opened to the entire scientific community. Since then, the series evolved, and the name has been changed, in order to include all observations of the Universe at mm wavelength, at all scales from stellar to cosmological ones.  As multi-wavelength analysis is a key approach to understand astrophysical processes and cosmological issues, the conferences series is of course opened to results and observations at other wavelengths.  

The first edition of the mm Universe conference was held at LPSC in Grenoble in June 2019 and the second edition was organized by the Department of Physics at Sapienza University in Rome and held online via Zoom due to the pandemic situation at that time.

The third edition will be held at LPSC in Grenoble in 2023 from June 26th to June 30th.

This international conference will bring together the scientific community working on science related to millimetre observations. It includes both theoretical and observational topics related to the mm Universe, from stellar to cosmological scales.


  • mm Cosmology (CMB & clusters)
  • Thermal & kinetic SZ
  • Galaxy cluster physics (SZ, X, visible)
  • Galaxy formation in the early Universe
  • Nearby galaxies
  • Galactic star formation
  • From dust to planets
  • mm instruments
  • Simulations


Registration is closed.

Registration Fees

  • Registrations price, with conference dinner : 250 euros
  • Registrations price, without conference dinner : 210 euros
  • Conference dinner for accompanying person : 40 euros
  • LPSC members : internal payment only. Please contact mmuniverse2023-l@lpsc.in2p3.fr


Basic Registration (210 euros)  includes : coffee breaks, 5 lunches and one proceeding book.


Financial Support


The mm Universe conference gratefully acknowledges financial support from: